Anneliese M. Bruner

Writer, Editor, and Great Grand-daughter of a Tulsa Race Massacre Survivor


Anneliese M. Bruner, the great-granddaughter of Mary E. Jones Parrish, is a writer and editor who has worked in the business, media, and nonprofit sectors. She attended Bryn Mawr College. Her writing has appeared in Honey Magazine, Savoy Magazine, USAID FrontLines, and The Lily (Washington Post). She was born and raised in San Francisco, with stints in Oakland, and still considers California her home. She has lived in Washington, D.C., for more than thirty-five years.


  • May 2021; John Hope Franklin Center for Reconciliation’s 2021 RECONCILIATION IN AMERICA NATIONAL SYMPOSIUM, at Oklahoma State University – Tulsa. WATCH HERE.
  • May 2021; online event with Magic City Books, Tulsa, Oklahoma; WATCH HERE.
  • May 2021; online event with Trinity University and Scott Ellsworth. WATCH HERE.
  • 6/3 2:45 PM CT; National Day of Learning with 1921 TULSA RACE MASSACRE CENTENNIAL COMMISSION; “What Happens to a Dream Destroyed: the Tulsa Race Massacre of 1921”, panel discussion. Details and registration HERE.


Anneliese is available for interviews and speaking engagements. If you want to find out more, don’t hesitate to reach out.

Media contact: Burgin Streetman bstreetm(at)trinity.edu


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